The Metaphysics Of The Ancient

Our Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Tour in Cairo is very unique. I will take you beyond the physical material of the Pyramids and the Nile. I will take you back in the time with the company of Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt in Spiritual Metaphysical Tour.

Cairo Program

The main Program is 2days, 3 hours a day of Spiritual Guidance for The Pyramids and The Nile.
Fees for Metaphysical Guidance for groups: 300$ per person per day, 3hours a day.
* Fees For Accommodation + transportation + history guide, will be arranged according to your budget

The Pyramids

I take you in a tour inside & outside the Pyramids.I make spiritual contact with the Pyramids. If you are ready, I join you inside my spiritual contact circle. You will be connected spiritually with the Pyramids through me. I direct the energy for you gradually according to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation for a spiritual contact. Then I take you back gradually out of the spiritual contact circle. Inside my Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Contact Circle, you will see glances of the Ancient Egyptian life thousands of years ago. You will hear their music and Ancient Language in flashes that come and go for seconds or minutes according to your acceptance and preparation. You will remember what you saw & heard after the end of the contact.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt


The Nile

The Nile is not just a river. It is an Ancient Egyptian god  Hapi حابى. The Nile has secrets and spiritual journey. Pharaohs worshiped the Supreme Soul of the Nile. Through our Spiritual Nile Cruise in Cairo, I will let you experience the spiritual glory of the Nile as an Ancient Egyptian god.

The Nile

The Pyramids and The Nile used to be connected

Enjoy our Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Tour In Cairo by Dr. Wafaa H. A.
Ph.D. Metaphysical Science - Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics
International Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science
International Metaphysical Science Practitioner, USA