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Spiritual Guidance needs talent and scientific knowledge. The spiritual guide from his/her early childhood has the ability to contact, hear and see Angeles, Realms and Supreme Souls. The Spiritual Guide has the ability to guide other human spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to contact Angels and higher Souls. The Spiritual Guide is a healer and spiritual connector who has Supreme Knowledge has been taken direct from Angels and Supreme Souls. The Scientific knowledge is a way to improve his/her Spiritual knowledge in a scientific mental way for people. Spiritual Guide has the Spiritual Metaphysical Knowledge of human spiritual, emotional, mental and physical system and its connection with the Supreme Souls and Angels.

Direct Angelic Contact With The Spiritual Guide

My Metaphysical Spiritual Guidance Programs

In Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Tour - Egypt
Cairo - Luxor - Red Sea

Angelic Metaphysical Contact and Healing - Egypt
Mosques and Churches of Egypt

Book your Spiritual Tour or/and your Spiritual Angelic Healing Visit in Egypt with Dr. Wafaa H. A. before or during your visit to/in Egypt. Choose your Spiritual Guidance Program and contact us for booking for groups. Click here

Online Spiritual Guidance And Consultation

Our Spiritual Guidance Program and Spiritual Angelic Contact, Healing and Consultation are available online through Skype and Yahoo Messenger.
Fees for online session: 300$ per person per session
Book your session. http://egyptyogaart.webs.com/contact

Spiritual Knowledge comes direct from Angels and Supreme Souls

Enjoy our Spiritual Guidance with Angels and Supreme Souls by Dr. Wafaa H. A.
Ph.D. Metaphysical Science - Angelic Healing Metaphysics
International Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science
International Metaphysical Science Practitioner, USA