Red Sea

Your Own Spiritual Journey

Our Spiritual Tour to the Red Sea is about discovering your own spiritual journey. To be connected to your own soul and understand the metaphysics of your human system. I will guide you spiritually to a deep relaxation state through Metaphysical Science Techniques includes:

- Metaphysical Science Spiritual Relaxing Techniques
- Metaphysical Science Emotional Healing Techniques
- Metaphysical Science Mental Calming Techniques
- Metaphysical Science Physical Energizing Techniques

Red Sea Program

Our Spiritual Program at the Red Sea - Egypt is 4 days, 4 hours of Spiritual Guidance a day in one of these places: Sharm El Sheikh, Hurgada, Ras Sidr.
Fees for Spiritual Guidance for groups: 200$ per per person per day, 4 hours a day
* Fees For Accommodation + Transportation, will be arranged according to your budget

The Read Sea - Egypt

The Red Sea Coast - Ras Sidr

Ras Sidr - Resort

Resorts of Hurgada

Hotels of Sharm El Sheikh

Enjoy our Spiritual Tour In The Red Sea by Dr. Wafaa H. A.
Ph.D. Metaphysical Science - Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics
International Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science
International Metaphysical Science Practitioner, USA