The Ancient Thebes

The Ancient Thebes is full of life. This Ancient Life has soul that still connected to the place. The temples and tombs have their ceremonies of new born kings and queens, marriage, worship, healing, victories and death.
Our Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Tour in Luxor is about the Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics of their life journey. From the gate of birth to the gate of death and the life of great Pharaohs between them.
As I open contact for myself with Ancient Egyptian Life inside the Temples of Old Thebes, I share my spiritual contact with the ready members of the tour group.

Luxor Program

The main Program is 4 days, 3 hours a day of Spiritual Guidance for Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, The Valley of Kings and Hachepsout.
Fees for Metaphysical Guidance for groups: 300$ per person per day, 3hours a day.
* Fees For Accommodation + transportation + history guide, will be arranged according to your budget

Luxor Temple 

Luxor Temple at night

 Kings of Ancient Thebes

Karnak Temple

The Ancient Life is still held inside Karnak Temple

The Valley Of The Kings

The Valley Of the Kings Has Them All

The Life At The Other Side After Death inside the tombs


Temple Of Queen Hachepsout

Hatchepsout Has Its Own Spiritual Contact

Enjoy our Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Tour In Luxor by Dr. Wafaa H. A.
Ph.D. Metaphysical Science - Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics
International Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science
International Metaphysical Science Practitioner, USA